Closed: Gothenburg - Welding specialist, Holder of IWE certificate - Ref: 700241


Dear partner

We are looking for a Geometry Engineer & Welding specialist with IWE certificate.

Please state Ref: 700241 when replying for this assignment.

Main purpose is to develop an efficient manufacturing process and reduce production hours by moving from handicraft production to industrialization based on our guiding-stars quality, delivery & cost.


  • Ensure that the company continuously monitors the overall development of welding and that internal production is carried out with cost effective methods
  • Maintain good contact with suppliers in automated welding technology so that we can assimilate, and influence their development and strive for lower prices
  • Comply with the statutory requirement to have a welding head of the production unit.
  • Create & maintain networks in geometry & welding globally
  • Calculate /achieve material correction to fulfill tolerances and demands on product and create weld sequences (matching activities)
  • Competence and knowledge to take part into develop of breakdown of the product structure and placement of datum targets
  • Analyze measure protocol and adjust the production result in order to meet the final requirements for the product by way of matching activities
  • Competence and knowledge to follow up the geometry in a structure way, work with constant improvement, follow-up and document quality loss cost


  • Holder of IWE certificate with practical experience from welding
  • Computer skills and experience with PC tools Word, Excel, MS Project and Outlook.

Meriterande kompetens

  • Technical training and secondary and tertiary or equivalent qualification.
  • Specialist knowledge in automated welding.
  • Experience with welding, specializing in flux cored wires and solid wires.
  • Good knowledge in Datum target system and geometry assurance of welded structures.
  • Experience in the designing of tools for welded structures.
  • Drawing Technique and requirement setting with form and position tolerances.
  • Experience in design of welded joints
  • Structured approach, administrative ability and sense of order.
  • Ability to express themselves in speech and writing, in both Swedish and English.




Start: 2019-04-01
Slut: 2019-12-31


Jens Wetterlin


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