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Within Scania's aftermarket department YS we produce service information for our workshops. Now we need a technical writer who will produce information with main focus on systems and software in the cab as well as the steering system.

Previous experience of technical information at Scania is preferred, especially within YS.

Our technical writers mainly produce work descriptions, system descriptions and functional descriptions. The work is mainly carried out in project form, where the technical writer is responsible for the content, design, and deadline of the information. The work is done in close collaboration with method engineers, designers and system owners.

100% on-site at the customer´s premises. The selection of candidates is done continuously. Good opportunities for an extension of the assignment.

Please observe that non-EU citizens need a valid Visa & Work permit before you can apply to this assignment.


The information is modularly structured and presented in several media so the person must be analytical and have a high degree of IT maturity to thrive here.

Our technical writers must be able to do high-tech justice, in a way that is easily consumed for our technicians all over the world.

We produce all information in Swedish, so a high level of Swedish is also a must.

Higher education in relevant field or equivalent experience and a natural interest in vehicle technology.

Swedish and English fluent in speech and writing.

Given the high pace and wide contact areas, both high sense of detail and social skills are desirable.

Ability to take on the challenge of describing and clarifying difficult technical contexts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Work / education as a technical writer, preferably within the area of vehicle technology, is meritorious, as well as experience of working with CAD models as a basis.




Start: 2019-01-07
Slut: 2019-12-31


Erik Allard
+46 733 94 12 11


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