Closed: Stockholm - Consultant focusing on high speed links - Ref: 630028


We are looking for a consultant focusing on high speed links


  • Read and understand the behavior of protocols for high speed link communication
  • Describe and document dependencies between different parts on a radio board such as start up and reset sequences of these links
  • Propose debug methods to be used during integration phase and how these relate to observability needed later in the field
  • Identify lack of documentation and document ownership
  • Drive coordination between a number of parallel projects so we get one aligned way of working for this area
  • The work will require a lot of interaction with different parts of the radio organization and involved persons

6 month assignment with possible prolongation.




Start: 2019-01-21
Slut: 2019-06-30


Ulrika Landström
+46 707 60 22 43


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