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We are looking for candidates for the position as Software Developers with DevOps chops.

Industrial use of Open Source in the form of operating systems, libraries and containers requires a verifiable process for ensuring that (sometimes rigorous) quality, performance and compliance standards are met, while supporting agile development, a high degree of team autonomy and quick release cycles. Together with other Sphere companies, Saab is embarking on a new initiative to automate the quality, performance and compliance vetting of the software supply chain.

The challenge

We’re looking for seasoned developers to help define and realize this new vision. You will be working with our member companies to understand their requirements, challenges and the, in many cases, leading-edge processes and tools in use or under development. On the basis of this understanding, and an informed perspective on the latest developments in testing, verification and DevOps build a generic, extensible automation platform that can be shared among our members, and might form the basis of a commercial offering.


You have a thorough understanding of cloud-native technologies, in particular containers, orchestration control planes such as Kubernetes and modern monitoring solutions. You have experience with micro services and related patterns and architectural styles. You know your way around Linux and have a perspective on static as well as dynamic software testing and verification techniques and tools. You are an competent coder with experience from development of commercial software using modern languages, patterns and tools.

100% on-site at Customer premises. Selection will be held on going.

With possibility for further extensions.


  • Software Developer experienced in one or several of C, C++, Java, Node.js or Golang
  • A deep understanding of automating the software development and delivery process
  • Hands-on experience with building container-based systems
  • An informed perspective on Micro Services and related system patterns
  • Linux
  • Swedish citizen
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing
  • Fluent in Swedish, both verbally and in writing

Meriterande kompetens

  • Computer Science (or related) Degree
  • Experience with reproducible builds, concolic testing and fuzzy testing
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning




Start: 2019-01-21
Slut: 2019-06-30


Erik Allard
+46 733 94 12 11

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