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Dear Partner,

We are, on behalf of our customer Astra Zeneca in Gothenburg looking for a Research Scientist. Please state ref. 750091 if you respond to this request.

AZ is currently looking for a Research Scientist in the Sample Management department within the global Discovery Sciences organization. This position will provide the opportunity

to work in a dynamic and enthusiastic environment whilst supplying a critical service to drug discovery projects. The work is highly collaborative with the team having a collective responsibility for the overall delivery.

The role is focused on supporting drug discovery projects within R&D Gothenburg by providing compounds in the requested format (assay ready plates, serially diluted motherplates,

formulations and solids) and/or maintaining a high quality handling of HBS and support of projects with requested samples.

As a Sample Management Research Scientist you will be expected to:

  • Work as part of the team rotating between the following typical tasks
  • Processing of liquid samples on automated systems
  • Processing of solid samples
  • Manage customer orders using specialized informatics systems as well as databases
  • Responding to customer queries via mail or telephone
  • Partner with SM groups globally as well as internal and external customers
  • Receive and register incoming HBS
  • Process requests for HBS to customers
  • Act upon day-to-day issues that occur whilst processing samples to ensure continuous improvement

The group has a strong emphasis on continuous improvement which takes the form of individual and group projects within the team, the department and across Sample Management groups within AZ.


  • Degree in Chemistry or a Bioscience discipline or alternatively a logistics background and previous experience in an instrument orientated laboratory.
  • Previous knowledge and experience (>1 year) of sample management in a current setting is a clear advantage.
  • Experience of working with various IT solutions, including extensive knowledge of Excel, LIMS systems and database usage, is also an advantage.
  • Ability to plan, perform and evaluate experiments to investigate improvement possibilities in a process
  • Experience with acoustic droplet ejection and low volume liquid handling technologies and their application to drug discovery
  • Experience in operating integrated laboratory automation equipment
  • Knowledge of the drug discovery process
  • Interest in logistics and developing processes through customer interactions and technology awareness
  • Drive and enthusiasm to solve the root cause of problems and not only overcome the presenting problem
  • Thrive on working in a committed team and gain satisfaction from the overall performance of the group




Start: 2019-04-01
Slut: 2020-03-31


Daniela Jankulovski


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