Closed: Södertälje - HW Design, Electronics for HIL rig - Ref: 251116


We are proud to have a frame agreement with Scania.

Our client is looking for a HW design for electronics used in Hardware In the Loop-rig (HIL-rig). Work with integrations of ECU´s in the HIL-rig. Making schematics for the ECU integration. We currently use Eagle for our schematics.

As a person you are:

Structured and analytic with knowhow in hardware design. A team player that doesn’t hesitate to work cross functional with all resources within Scania and Suppliers. A person that can handle many different questions simultaneously. Creative and solution focused.

100% on-site at the customer´s premises. The selection of candidates is done continuously. Good opportunities for an extension of the assignment.

Please observe that non-EU citizens need a valid Visa & Work permit before you can apply to this assignment.


Engineer with 2-5 years’ experience.

English and Swedish speaking

Meriterande kompetens

Has worked with schematics in the tool Eagle.

Knowledge about Scania´s electrical system and/or embedded systems in vehicles.

Knowledge of designing and/or building real time (HIL) test rigs or other laboratory equipment.

Experience in hardware design for electrical control systems or test rigs for simulation with real time system hardware.

B driver´s license.




Start: 2019-05-01
Slut: 2019-12-31


Erik Allard
+46 733 94 12 11


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