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Our client at Scania is looking for a Sub Project Manager for a defence project

The Sub Project Manager Design & Development is responsible for:

• The overall Vehicle system design

• Development of Pre series Vehicles

• Production Preparation of the Pre series Vehicles

• The technical design work for the chassis, body and integration of GFE incl the Integration plan

• Safety


• Preparing production at the factory with the designed vehicle variants of the Project scope.

• Responsible for development and execution of the [SEMP], [EMCMP] and [GFAMP]

The Sub Project Design & Development Project Manager has the following authority and responsibility in addition to the role of the Sub Project Manager:

• Support the other Sub Projects within their work

• Participate in the Project Progress Meetings and the Project Meeting

Proficiency in written and spoken Swedish is a requirement

100% on-site at the customer´s premises. The selection of candidates is done continuously.

Please observe that non-EU citizens need a valid Visa & Work permit before you can apply to this assignment.




Start: 2019-05-27
Slut: 2020-12-31


Erik Allard
+46 733 94 12 11


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