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Our client Scania is looking for a tactical product Owner.

This CAD/vPDM team has the assignment to establish a cross functional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) organisation that supports all main processes within Scania.

The responsibility and focus for the organisation is mainly to work with demand and business requirements for processes, methods and IT solutions within the CAD/vPDM area. The key to success is that we through good contacts have gathered big understanding of all needs from the businesses and are able to refine these demands into clear requirements. That requires that we are well aware of our customers way of working in processes and methods and their need of support with IT tools.

Within the team you will take on the role as Tactical Product Owner and be part of the delivery organisation (factory) that develops the CAD/vPDM software platform. The role of the Tactical Product Owner is to lead the maintenance team for the platform in an agile way of working. You will be responsible to prioritize and plan the work within the factory based on the need from business and secure that the work performed is strategically right from a Scania perspective. You will have a continuous dialogue with the customers of the factory, suppliers and other stakeholders and be responsible for the common backlog. You will also lead the development of the work processes and methods within the factory.

100% on-site at the customer´s premises. The selection of candidates is done continuously. Good opportunities for an extension of the assignment.

Please observe that non-EU citizens need a valid Visa & Work permit before you can apply for this assignment.


The role both requires good knowledge in agile methods/agile coaching, but also the ability to act as the enabler of a good communication between the business and IT teams. Furthermore, experience from general IT maintenance for large IT systems is desirable.




Start: 2019-08-12
Slut: 2019-12-31


Erik Allard
+46 733 94 12 11


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