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Tester at Scania's proprietary PDM (Product Data Management) system, OAS. OAS is a core system at Scania which enables Scania's modular approach when building vehicles by housing product data and support for lifecycle management.

OAS currently have six agile teams developing the platform. You will be part of one of the teams responsible for the web application. We are always striving towards automating as much as possible, both regarding deploys and tests.


· Quality assurance of functionality delivered by the team. Make sure, in cooperation with the team and product owner, that all requirements are fulfilled and working as intended.

· Write automated regression tests using Selenium, Protractor and JavaScript. Tests are executed and monitored by our Jenkins pipeline.

· Plan and structure the work together with the team and other teams working with OAS.

· Continue improving our methods and technologies regarding test.

Meriterande kompetens

· Great knowledge in automated testing, preferably web applications, or a background as a developer.

· Worked with automation tools such as Selenium, Protractor and Jenkins.

· Previous experience testing “Single page applications” (Angular, React, etc.).

· Good analytical skills and experience understanding complex domains and systems.

· Experience working in agile teams.

· Team player with good communication skills.




Start: 2020-01-01
Slut: 2019-05-01


Göran Hedin
+46 702 17 13 79


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