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This person will work in Business Intelligence & Analysis stream with together with Finland DataWarehouse (FIDW) to understand the requirements of the TO-BE process for regulatory reporting. FIDW has alot of requirements and it is unclear how they will be met today - to create clarity in that will be one of the main responsibilities of this person. As there is a co-existing initiative that works with central reporting tools in the bank (CE) - it is important that this person also creates the connection between the Regulatory Reporting Work that is done in DAIM (i.e FIDW) with the one that is done with the initiaive for central reporitng (CE etc). There are several areas where it is important to synchronise: Processes for Adjustments, Reconcilliation, Reporting tools etc.



  • Good Understanding of Regulatory Reporting Processes - Understanding of current challanges with regulatory reporting at SHB - Understanding & analysis of Reconcilliation needs - Understanding of requirements for Adjustments/corrections for regulatory reporting - Knowledge of tools that standardize regulatory reporting and validation

Förväntningar på konsulten

  • Regulatory Reporting - Has to be able to speak and write in english as he/she will work with Finland and in the DAIM project.

Program/Projekt/Uppdrag/Utredning: DAIM


DAIM - leverans av DW-lösning till Finland för att ersätta MAFI och möjliggöra AURA-programmet.




Start: 2019-05-13
Slut: 2020-12-31


Peter Magnusson
+46 707 73 82 94


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